Share Your Ideas On How Non-Profits Can Develop Staff On Small Budgets


One of the key challenges faced by a number of social enterprises and individuals in social entrepreneurship is the area of staff development.

Now this is particularly faced by a number of non-profit organisations as well as government-related public service organisations.

A Lack of Funds Can Lead to Lack of Staff Development

These types of social enterprises face the challenge of staff development because their budget which comes from donor funds and from outside sources are very much tied to ensure that the majority of that budget goes to programs and its beneficiaries. While it’s important that those budgets do achieve their social mission by going towards that program and for beneficiaries, it can at times leave staff development programs by way-side.

Staff development for commercial enterprises doesn’t seem to be so much of a problem because they tend have a bigger budget, more research, more funding and more scope to be able to achieve staff development programs.

So for-profit social enterprises similar to commercial enterprises also have that benefit. But it leaves the non-profit organisations and more public and donor-driven social enterprises to really find innovative ways to come up with staff development initiatives.

I’ve worked with a number of non-profit organisations and even government related service organisations and at times when different departments are struggling with their budget, you can see it and experience it with the staff and employees when you can tell that staff development is really not within the overall strategy of their organisation – essentially because of a lack of funds.

An Organizational Philosophy of Basic Caring?

Now I personally don’t have a complete answer to how we can innovate, inspire and motivate staff and develop them to their full capacity, particularly for non-profit social enterprises.

In my point of view, one way is basically to care for your staff; and through that caring, it can uplift them. Through that philosophy which is shown throughout the whole organisation, it can provide an environment for staff development.

But even so, that sort of philosophy still needs to be backed up by resources and funding and in my point of view, many non-profit social enterprises lack that and it can be a major challenge to the achievement of their social mission and to the overall teambuilding of their staff.

How Can Non-Profits Promote Staff Development On Small Budgets?

So I’d like to open it up to you out there and ask you what are some key ways for non-profit social enterprises or individuals involved with social entrepreneurship to be able to develop their staff, to be able to create a sense of teambuilding, and constant and never-ending progression of their staff so that they can advance and also grow within their organisations.

While recognising that non-profit organisations are strapped for cash for budget and funding, share your ideas.