Social Enterprise Ideas From the Needs of ‘Your Community’

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Aspiring social entrepreneurs are often on the search for social enterprise ideas.

Social Entrepreneurship Inspiration From Where You’re From

Often you can pinpoint an opportunity to help out your community based solely on the particular circumstances and needs of your community. Nevertheless, you may begin to realize that your community offers many ways for your to contribute.

What is Your Community?

Also, it depends on the scope of what you consider to be “your community” and “your neighborhood.” Some social entrepreneurs like to focus on the needs of the their particular block or locality. Some want to stretch that idea and they perceive their neighbourhood to include their suburb, town, city or state. Some have a more national approach. Others have a regional approach. For those who care about all humans regardless of where they’re from, they have an international perspective.

Beyond Humanity to Include Other Forms of Life

Other social entrepreneurs even go beyond the human species. Environmentalists and preservationists who care about animals and nature also consider other life forms as part of “community.” You’ll recognize that each of these groups have their particular needs, and leaders who dare to solve some of their problems will have to approach these needs accordingly.

Social Entrepreneurial Limitations and the Need to Focus

In my own experience of wanting to make a difference in the world, and contributing to others, I’ve often asked myself what cause I could dedicate myself. I think that you have to examine yourself personally and emotionally to discover which group or cause most resonates with you.

You may feel like you want to take on every cause in the world. Nevertheless, one of the limitations of us as human beings is that we only have so much time and energy in our individual lives. I guess I have recognized this myself. I always want to make the most out of my life by giving as much as I can in terms of contribution. Nevertheless, I now realize that I can’t take on everything. I have to focus my energies on something that I know that I have a comparative advantage in, or a cause which I can at least contribute something more meaningfully than another person.

Our Community of Social Entrepreneurs

For now, one particular community that I want to focus on and help are the unique group of social entrepreneurs. I feel that if I help you out with ideas and inspirations, my contribution will multiply through your contributions to many others.