3 Top Social Enterprise Journals

If you’re keen to totally immerse yourself in the ideas and paradigms that are developing the theory and practice of social enterprise today, then why not check out these 3 top social enterprise journals from around the world that can help you with your business strategy!

1. London Social Enterprise Journal

Smoking [Photo by pedrosimoes7] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The London-based Social Enterprise Journal (SEJ) is published in association with Social Enterprise London. SEJ is the first journal to focus specifically on this aspect of entrepreneurial activity.

It seeks to address the void in knowledge of this sector by inviting scholars and practitioners to present their theories and frameworks for understanding social enterprise. The journal also features research on a wide range of topics related to this developing sector of the social economy.

The editorial team has chosen not to restrict the subject areas for the journal, but rather to leave the door wide open to publishing in social enterprise. This means that the journal will accept both rigorous research papers as well as shorter case study submissions at a global, national and social enterprise level. The goal is to contribute to the development of knowledge in the field and providing useful information.

2. Social Enterprise Journal at Purdue

Purdue University Calumet produces a social enterprise journal called The Journal of Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (JSEE). This peer-reviewed, online journal seeks to promote the development of the science and practice of the emerging field of social enterprise.

JSEE tries to strike a balance in the works it publishes and encourages contributions from academics and practitioners alike. JSEE publishes both empirical and theoretical works, and case studies as well. The Journal is meant to be a platform and a forum for the exchange of ideas on how managerial skills can advance the social benefit of communities around the world.

The journal accepts submissions in electronic form of no more than 20 pages on topics that include strategic management applications to social entrepreneurship and enterprises, marketing of social ventures, and nonprofit management.

3. Social Enterprise Journal at Stanford

On the platform, reading [Photo by moriza] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Stanford University publishes a social enterprise journal called the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR). It is intended to be a provocative, practical and powerful resource for the social enterprise community.

As party of the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford, the journal’s mission is to share substantive insights and practical experiences that will benefit those doing important work in the field. The work of SSIR is guided by the value of social innovation, as the journal puts a focus on the search for new and better ways of improving the world.

SSIR looks to strike a balance between pragmatic and intellectual articles to help with your business strategy, and eschews predefined political ideology in favor of brokering conversations, asking hard questions, disseminating the results of rigorous research and presenting real-life case studies. Contributors range from world-class faculty to thought leaders and executives world wide.