Funding & Help for Social Enterprises & Social Entrepreneurs in the Philippines

Are you a social enterprise?

Are you making a social impact in the Philippines?

Do you trade to fulfill your social mission?

Do you have projects that need help funding?

Whether an established or startup social enterprise, we want you!

We’re looking for social enterprise partners with projects in the Philippines that we can promote and support via online peerfunding.


As many of you know, I have been running this blog about social entrepreneurship and social enterprise for close to 2 years now. In fact, I built this website from scratch, starting from the time I was working as Program Officer for the UN World Food Programmse. Ever since that time, I have devoted my time and energy to promote social entrepreneurship worldwide. I even got featured on the BBC World News World Challenge website regarding my article about “Social Enterprise in the Philippines.”

I am Filipino-Australian. I was born in the Philippines and have plenty of family there. I have volunteered a number of times in the Philippines and helped to lead dozens on Aussies to help build homes for Filipino people via a GK program. My journey in wanting to change the world and make a difference actually has its roots from my Filipino heritage. Therefore, I am very pleased to offer this opportunity now for ALL social entrepreneurs and social enterprises in the Philippines.

Funds & Support for Social Enterprises & Social Entrepreneurs in the Philippines

A friend, a Filipino-American, recently approached me about an innovative idea. He’s keen to build an online peerfunding platform to help with funding for social entrepreneurs and social enterprises in the Philippines. I too, am keen to connect with social entrepreneurs and social enterprises in the Philippines, as I also want to do the best that I can to support the social entreprenueurship movement.

What you need to do?

If you are a social entrepreneur or are part of a social enterprise in the Philippines, and you believe that this initiative could help you, then type your email address below, and submit it to us.

We will get in contact with you once the online peerfunding platform and other support opportunitities for Philippine social entrepreneurs and social enterprises.

The more interest we get from you, the more likely we can make this dream a reality, and to make a positive difference in the Philipines.

My aim is to get at least 1000 interested sign ups. In that way, we’ll be able to prove that there really is a demand and interest in Philippine social entrepreneurship and social enterprise.

Sign up NOW!