Social Entrepreneurs and the Power to Create

Creation is such a natural thing. The process of creation in itself, however, can often seem magical. From an initial thought, creation manifests that good business ideas and turns it into reality.

Creation as Make-Believe. That is: MAKE & BELIEVE

As humans, we are often fascinated by things that are created. Think of a beautiful flower, or a magnificent landscape. Nature has a fundamental essence to create, and seeing spectacular things being created inspires us. Sometimes we wonder how such wonderful creations in nature are made. Are they some freak accident in the universe? Or are they part of a grand design by an omniscient creator?

Whatever the cause of nature’s creations, humanity has also taken on the gift of creation by building enormous monuments that can be marvelled, creating transportation to help us travel, and constructing complex societies in which our world functions.

Social Entrepreneurship & a Grand Design of Creation

In my opinion, social entrepreneurs can be a part of that great wonder of creation. They create systems in which products and services are provided to serve humanity. I think, however, that social entrepreneurs have an important gift. Nature itself often creates things for a reason, and the resulting beauty of nature’s creations are to be shared. SImiarly, social entrepreneurs create things for a reason, and the resulting beauty of a social entrepreneur’s creations are to be shared.

Creating Something Unique That You Can Leave Behind

I admit that perhaps I have romanticized the concept of social entrepreneurship and good business ideas here. I don’t mind too much. I think that in order to capture other people’s imagination, we sometimes have to be a little more passionate and creative about ordinary ideas. The gift of creation by a social entrepreneur, while ordinary in appearance, can lead to extraordinary results and impact.

What have you helped to create today?