Social Entrepreneurship Within Your Current Organization


Entrepreneurship is a term often associated with the idea of a person or a group of people going out there in the world to use their innovation and ideas to create a system which makes a profit, produces results, creates jobs and succeeds. It can also refer to the use of social networking for business ideas that are for the greater good.

But is it possible for someone, an employee for instance to tap into that entrepreneurial spirit even though they work inside a larger organisation?

Apparently it can.

Social Intrapreneurship Vs Social Entrepreneurship

I came across an interesting word a few days ago and it was ‘intrapreneurship’ and I like to look at that word in context of social entrepreneurs and social enterprises.

Now intrapreneurship is the idea that an employee within a larger organisation can actually harness an entrepreneurial spirit to use their skills and influence of the people within their organisation and using the system of the organisation itself, changing it and influencing it, to then produce impactful results.

Be a Social Entrepreneur Within Your Current Organization

From that concept of intrepreneurship, it can then extended to larger social enterprises if you yourself are an employee working in a larger organisation.

Do consider the idea that you too can be somewhat of a social entrepreneur through being a social intrapreneur. That could mean going inside your organisation, finding the gaps and finding ways to use innovation, to use your creativity and using your influence of the people within your team to really find ways that help improve your organisation to improve our world.

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