Start Small with Your Social Enterprise

Are you keen to start up your own social enterprise that changes the world?

Remember that you can’t change the world overnight. But you can change your direction overnight.

From Small Projects to HUGE Success

I suggest that you direct yourself to start with small projects at first. Try prototypes of your idea on a small scale.

The benefit of starting small is the fact that you take smaller risks at first. If your entrepreneurial idea doesn’t work via the prototype, then you haven’t lost much.

Refine Your Idea Until You Have a Successful Business Model

You can then decide to change the prototype or pilot project – tweaking it so that it can succeed. Otherwise, you may decide that you want to abandon the project altogether, and that’s fine too but again you haven’t lost too much in the process.

Tomorrow, I’ll give a role model of business success, Richard Branson. Not only has he been involved with world changing businesses, but he’s also founded humanitarian initiatives with world leaders too. One of his core philosophies is that “Small is Beautiful.”