Comparing 3 Styles of Global Social Leadership

Today’s a continuation of yesterday’s discussion about personality traits of global social leaders which are commonly found when leaders participate in social networking for business support.

Your Personality as the Building Blocks of Leadership

As you consider your own unique leadership skills, consider the lessons that Ken Kille highlights in his book about global leadership. One of his major ideas is emphasized in his statement that:

“Personal characteristics can be thought of as the building blocks of a leadership style. The way that the characteristics interrelate established a certain mindset, which creates a tendency for a global leader to act in a particular manner. Thus, in order to capture a global leadership style, it is necessary to measure the personal characteristics and then contruct the overarching leadership style profile.” – Kent Kille

I wrote about the 6 main questions to ask yourself to examine your personal characteristics here, which Kille puts forward.

Once you determine your personal characteristics, Kille suggests that you can then figure out your inclinations when it comes to defining your leadership style.

3 Types of a Global Social Leader

For Kille, this is how he compares the 3 leadership styles.

Characteristics 1. Managerial 2. Strategic 3. Visionary
Responsivity High High Low
Belief That Can Influence Low High High
Need For Recognition Low Low High
Need For Relationships High High Low
Organizational Values Low High High
Problem-Solving Emphasis Low Medium High

What Style of Leadership Are You?

As I read Kille’s book, I began to formulate questions in my own mind about my own leadership style. Am I a manager, strategist or visionary?

Am I responsive to others? Do I care what others say, and to what extent do I care?

Do I have a clear vision of who I am and what I stand for? Or do I let the organisation or others dictate how I should run my organisation? Should I use social networking for business purposes?

These are great questions to ask of global leaders, but more so, they are great questions to ask about yourself. When I examine me, I’d have to say that I’m more of a strategist. I like coming up with big visions, creating organized plans for their attainment, and then taking action on them!

Which kind of leader are you?