Take a Break! You Deserve It.

Plage de San Pancho
Creative Commons License photo credit: mickou

You know 2010 has been quite hectic for me. It most likely has been for you. For many individuals, business management can help you organize your time.

A Hectic Life in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

For 2010, I dedicated myself to finding solutions to improving the nutrition status of the Bangladeshi people of the Cox’s Bazar District, as well as coming up with new ideas for improving participation of Myanmar refugees in their food management. I was there in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh for the majority of the year, away from many of my family and friends.

A Holiday at “Home”

I finally took a break towards the end of 2010 by travelling to my home in Sydney, Australia. However, even while I’ve been in Sydney, I’ve been very busy! I’ve got some new ideas and projects that I will implement in 2011, and I’ve been talking with partners and mentors to figure out how to get these projects off the ground.

Today, I’m finally taking a full day OFF, and I mean actually a day off!

Feeling Overworked?

I tend to notice this about entrepreneurs, social innovators and leaders in general. I’ve especially seen this in the many humanitarians of Cox’s Bazar, for whom I have a great respect for. They can get so caught up in their work and in achieving goals, that they can overwork themselves!

If you have not taken a full day off yet even during the holiday season, I recommend you chillax for at least one day! Relaxing is great to get your mind and body and spirit refreshed.

Some of the activities that I love to help me relax include bodysurfing with the beach waves. I love doing this! I recently went to an Australian beach with family, and I rekindled my passion for the beach water which you can ride and feel exhilirated with.

I Know You Want to Do Everything at Once, But Make Time for Relaxing

If you ever feel like you’re feeling excessively busy, I suggest you schedule in a time in your diary which actually says “TAKE A BREAK!” I suggest scheduling an activity that relaxes you and that you are passionate about but you’ve been telling yourself that you don’t have the time for it.

Often you DO have the time to relax, especially for activities that make you feel refreshed. Most of the time, the reason that these fun activities don’t get done is because YOU DON’T MAKE THE TIME FOR IT. Use your business management skills to figure out a healthy balance between work and play that you will be happy with.

So make some time for a break. You deserve it.

For myself, I’m off to go to the gym and pool today.