Teach a Person How to Fish & You Feed Them For a Lifetime

Today I met up with an Australian friend named Anthony in Bangladesh who is passionately involved in developing the rural economies in the poorer parts of the country.

He’s such a jovial and friendly person. He’s also a caring soul.

An Inspirational Quote About Empowering Communities Worldwide

As I was talking to him today and he described his current job, the particular quote stood out in my mind:

“Give a person fish & you feed them for a day.

Teach a person how to fish & you feed them for a lifetime.”

The major reason why that inspirational quote popped up in my head as I spoke to him was because Anthony’s currently involved in teaching rural Bangladesh communities on techniques for fishing.

It was really interesting for me as I hadn’t met someone in the international development scene who was doing such a thing before.

He is actually doing what the quote says!

He’s a farmer from Australia and an expert on fisheries.

Embodying this Inspirational Quote

He is literally teaching people how to fish so that they can earn a livelihood to feed themselves and their families.

He really stood out for me. What I like is the fact that he embodies what social entrepreneurship is all about.

I want to plug the organization that he works for in Bangladesh. It’s called Symbiosis, which is an NGO with the tagline:

Promoting Human Developing in Harmony with the Environment.

Anthony’s particular project with Symbiosis is the Rural Income Generation Project.

The Project Objectives for it are as follows:

  1. Increase technical know how and skill of community partner in aquaculture, animal husbandry and horticulture farming.
  2. Create opportunity for income generation entrepreneurship by enhancing management skills of the marginalized people at the rural areas.
  3. Enhance organizational capacity of the community partners through promotion of the income generating outlets and service delivery points.

Find Out More About Poverty Alleviation Through Income Generation

Check out the Symbiosis International website now.