The Secret to Entrepreneurship is to Give More Than You Get

Entrepreneurship is not only about making money.

Money: Beyond the Pieces of Paper with Deceased Notables On Them

Physically, money in itself comprises of just pieces of paper and metal coins. Nevertheless, underlying the notes and coins, money is a means to exchange value.

Therefore, I propose that entrepreneurship is all about creating value.

Money & Creating Value for Yourself and Others

Many people forget this, and they lose sight of what money is all about.

If you and your business want to make more money, you shouldn’t beg, steal or hope that money will come knocking at your door. Money and the exchange of value do not work like that.

To get more money, you need to give more value. It’s an important lesson that entrepreneurs, social innovators and passionate people should remember.

You must give to get.

Entrerpreneurship and the Parable of the Sower

I think this is an important law in life and in nature.

Think even of a seed. You can’t simply expect for an empty field to spontaneously grow several healthy crops for you to harvest.

  • You need to give the earth a number of seeds so that crops may grow in your field.
  • You need to give these seeds sunlight.
  • You need to give them water.
  • You need to give them nurturing so that they can grow, and one day give you a bountiful harvest.

I think this is similar to entrepreneurship. Why?

  • You need to give life to a number of your ideas so that your business may grow in the world.
  • You need to give these ideas your time and energy.
  • You need to give them investment of some of your money even.
  • You need to give your business nurturing so that it may bear fruit in the way of profit and value for other people.

Give…Before You Expect to Receive

Overall, you need to give value to the world before you can expect to reap a bountiful harvest – and I think this goes for both sowing seeds and starting up businesses. I think it’s a universal principle that is applicable to many aspects of business and life.

But all too often, people forget about it, and again this principle becomes like a secret – hidden from your thoughts and actions.