The Way of Peace for Social Entrepreneurs?

When social entrepreneurs think of peace, we often think about techniques and strategies of social responsibility to make peace between two conflicting parties.

Social Entrepreneurs & the Notion of Peace

We think of peace as a solution to a war going on outside.

Social entrepreneurs think of war between people, war between nations, and we automatically suggest that peace is the solution to these.

But when we think of war and peace in these terms, we assume that these occur outside of ourselves.

That often, war or peace are outside our control. We are not responsible for whether war or peace occurs. Or are we?

Changing the World; Starting From Within

Before reading Allen’s Way of Peace, I had assumed that his book would be about peace between people or between nations. I was surprised to find, however, that Allen has a unique view on it.

The direction for the way of peace does not begin between people or between nations.
The way of peace does not occur outside of us.
Instead, if you want to find peace: Look inside yourself.

Inner Peace for Social Entrepreneurship

It’s a strong message, and a very significant one. How difficult it is to change others. How difficult it is to force others to make peace.
You should start with yourself first.

For Allen, peace begins within you. It begins with a realization that there is more to you than just you. That you are not alone in this universe. That your self is not the only self around. There are others all around you, and there is a humanity that you live with.

Overall, he basically argues that peace starts when you stop being selfish with yourself – a basic message indeed that can be adapted through social responsibility in businesses.