Travel with Me to India & Nepal

Travelling to India & Nepal

“Come along the ride as I explore India and Nepal.”

Update on My Reflections on Bangladesh Series

It was my intention to create a series of articles dedicated to my experiences and learnings in Bangladesh.

Unfortunately, time caught up with me for now, and after my departure from the UN World Food Programme, I immediately packed my bags for some more adventures and life experience.

For now, I will do some more travelling, and I’d like to share the experiences with you.

I’m travelling to India and then Nepal. During these trips, I’d like to write blog posts that are more concentrated on my travels and insights.

Once I return back to Australia, I think I’ll be able to fully reflect more on my 2 year experience in Bangladesh.

There’s are so many things I want to share, and I have plenty of footage and photos that I must collate before I can do the series.

I felt that I needed more time and attention to my Bangladesh posts in order to fully give the experience and lessons justice.

So I’m putting them on hold at the moment.

Travelling to Understand Cultures & Social Dynamics in South Asia

For now, I’m constantly on the move!

As I travel to India and Nepal for the next two months, I’d like to observe and write about a number of social insights that I notice, as well as social enterprises that I encounter. I also want to write about various influential people, social leaders, who have had a positive impact on local communities in the regions that I visit.

Join me as I move on from Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh to visit a variety of towns and cities across India and Nepal.