Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice & Social Entrepreneurship

Bret Michaels
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jamiecat *

Recently, I have been watching reruns of Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, and I’ve now watched the US seasons 7, 8 and 9.

You probably wouldn’t expect that I would refer to Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, but I will. Some of you may not totally agree with Trump’s way of doing business or his personality. Some of you may not even like him (or his hair!).

Entrepreneurial Lessons from Celebrities

Nevertheless, I think he has been quite successful in his field of business and real estate, and you have to admit that he is exceptional at it. You have to give him credit for that. In addition, I personally think it’s great to watch each of the very unique superstars in the show who are all trying to raise money for causes by engaging in business projects and setting up charity events.

Celebrity Apprentices Raise Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

The following celebrities won their respective season and they raised the stated amounts for their charity:

Apprentice Season Celebrity Winner Background Charity Supported Amount Raised
Season 7 Piers Morgan America’s Got Talent Judge Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund $754,300
Season 8 Joan Rivers Comedian God’s Love We Deliver $526,547
Season 9 Bret Michaels Rockstar of the Band “Poison” American Diabetes Association $640,000

From this show, I think social entrepreneurs can actually learn some valuable lessons about business, running an organization and finding innovative ways to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

Use Celebrity Techniques for Raising Money & Doing Awesome Projects

What fascinated me about the show is the fact that a variety of stars were able to come together. Each of them are magnificent in their own field, and it was fantastic to see them try to use their skills and talents to be able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charitable causes. The winners of each season raised a phenomenal amount – more than half a million dollars each! You get to learn about the way that each of them work, and I think that social entrepreneurs can learn alot about starting up their own projects from the show.

Celebrities are Still Human, Like You

Interestingly, you also see the follies and limitations of each of the celebrities in organizing events and raising money. It makes you feel that they are brought down to earth, and it helps give you the confidence that even with our own set of limitations, you can do great things too.