Use This Search Engine to Find Social Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Social entrepreneurs are popping up all over the globe, with their new ideas and innovations.

Ever wondered where in the world are all the great social entrepreneurs?

Look no further as Social Actions presents you with a very trendy web application to help you quickly and easily find social entrepreneurs. This is a great way for social networking for business ideas and support.

Social Edge has featured an example of the “Social Entrepreneur Search” widgets, and you can play with them here.

You can even find an example of the Search Widget on this post below. You may click on “Add this widget” below to grab one for yourself, for your own website or blog.

3 Uses For the Social Entrepreneur Search Widgets

  1. For Startup Social Entrepreneurs: the Search Widgets helps budding social entrepreneurs discover others in their field or region. It can help them connect with other like-minded social entrepreneurs, as well as learn from other successful business models.
  2. For Veteran Social Entrepreneurs already in the database: Being included in the database helps those social entrepreneurs to build their personal profile as well as the brand of their social enterprise.
  3. For Funders of Social Entrepreneurs: Funders include their featured social entrepreneurs to help strengthen the field of social entrepreneurship, while increasing their reputation as an effective identifier and supporter of social entrepreneurs.
  4. For Web Publishers: Bloggers and website publishers can put the Search Widget onto their own website to help showcase social entrepreneurs worldwide!

Software and Web Applications to Support Social Entrepreneurs

It’s great to see this innovative web application in support of social entrepreneurs and how it can allow social networking for business good. I’d like to see more software and web apps that can help social entrepreneurship, and I’m curious if there are any others that I’m not yet aware of.

If you know of any innovative and useful software or web applications that support social enterprise and social entrepreneurship, please share your discoveries in the comments below!