What’s Social Entrepreneurship All About?

“What’s Social Entreprenuership All About?”

That’s the question we answer in today’s episode of “Ask Matt”.

Now the question was asked by Trung, someone from Sydney in Australia.

He’s actually a business owner, with 3 businesses in Australia.

Not only has he asked this question, but so many people in the past few weeks have been emailing me, answering the “Ask Matt” popup survey, and facebooking me to ask “What is this social entrepreneurship all about?”

I keep talking about it, I keep promoting it, and I’m passionate about it – so what’s it all about. Tell me more about it.

Today, I actually give you my definition of it.

So why is this audio podcast important for you?

1. Firstly, learn how I define social entrepreneurship.
2. You’ll also discover the current debates about the social entrepreneurship definition.
3. If you listen to the rest of this audio, you’ll uncover what my final conclusion is for how you can define social entrepreneurship for yourself.

If this really interests you, and I know alot of you are really interested in finding about social entrepreneurship, then make sure you listen to this.

Stay tuned!

photo by: Joanna Bourne