You’re Never Too Young (or Too Old) to Startup Your Social Enterprise

You want to help our world?
What’s stopping you?

Do you think you’re too young (or old) to make any significant change or social impact?
Think again.

A 19-Year Old Social Entrepreneur Does Great Things

You’ll be astounded by this article by Alexia Parks entitled ‘Social Entrepreneurship With $600, 40 Men and Four Days.’ Here she interviews the inspiring 19 year old social entrepreneur, Bianca Griffith and talks about how social networking for business support grew her business.

Reading the article, I was amazed at what this woman is doing. She’s getting out there, and really helping people.

I did a Skype interview with 19-year-old social entrepreneur Bianca Griffith, who at the moment is taking time out from college to build a small six cottage eco-hotel along the west coast of Africa, in The Gambia. “I’m handling all aspects of the project,” she said, “including managing a crew of 25 in the construction of the buildings, the installation of plumbing and electricity, and the water catchment and sewage system.”

I would also highly recommend you visit Bianca’s website at

From Brazil to Senegal and The Gambia, Bianca has been getting out there, seeing the world, and creating an impact using the resources available to her.

Earlier in the year, Bianca had spent three months living in Senegal. There, she hired a local assistant, made contact with elders from a local village two hours outside of Dakar, and got approval to create a water and sanitation project for the village.

Using $600 from her nonprofit, and 40 men from the village, she guided them in the construction of a two-squat toilet, water catchment system, and banana plant septic system. From start to finish, the project took only four days.

Social Entrepreneurs, Excuses and “Limitations”

What impressed me was that she has been getting out there, to help the lives of people in African villages, and there are a number of factors about her that most people would deem as “limitations.” For example:

  • She’s only 19 years old.
  • She had not even started college.
  • She DOES NOT have an engineering degree.

How in the world was she able to create social impact, even with these limitations?

She got help from others.

She may not have had the physical power and technical skills to do it all on her own.

However, Bianca could offer one very valuable thing, which was all the more important.
What she could offer was her idea and her drive and her motivation. Even with her limitations, those gaps could be filled by the help of others, mainly from local villagers on the ground.

I’m really keen to contact her, so she can share some of her insights. Perhaps we’ll get an interview with her, and she can share her ideas and thoughts with you here, too.

What “Limitations” are Holding You Back from Starting Up Your Social Enterprise

Bianca’s a great example of overcoming the odds in order to contribute to others. The social mission became greater than her limitations through her determination for social networking for business support. That’s inspiring!

Share some excuses that you’ve heard other people use (or that you use) which prevent them from taking action to achieve social impact. How can they or you overcome them?