3 Examples of Social Enterprise in Pakistan

Often it’s useful to learn about successful social enterprises as role models for your own ideas. If you are thinking about what business to start, here are 3 social enterprise ideas from Pakistan, a country in South Asia, nearby Afghanistan and India. 1. YES Social Enterprise in Pakistan The Youth Engagement Services (YES) is a […]

Characteristics of Social Entrepreneurship

Characteristics of Social Entrepreneurship That Successful Organizations Share Successful social enterprises share certain characteristics of social entrepreneurship in common. Chief among these is the willingness to self-correct. It’s estimated that 90% of successful ventures start out with the wrong business plan, and the ones that succeed must therefore alter course at some point. It takes […]

3 Examples of Corporate Social Entrepreneurship

1. Asian Corporate Social Entrepreneurship Awards Malakoff Corporation Bhd, a Malaysian company based in Kuala Lumpur, was recognized for its pioneering corporate social entrepreneurship. At the Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards 2011, Malakoff won top honors in the social empowerment category. The win is a testimony to the successful collaboration between the company and its stakeholders, […]

Social Entrepreneurship Examples

New social entrepreneurs will find a wealth of social entrepreneurship examples from which they can draw inspiration and ideas. Dr. V and David Green are two famous social entrepreneurs who set up a trust in Madurai, India with the goal of providing accessible health care technology and services to the local community. They founded this […]