How to Invest for Social Impact While Making Money

Investing shouldn’t have to be so complicated. That’s my belief.

You should be able to simplify your investment business strategy in your personal and business life so its clear and understandable, and it works for you.

Social Investing to Leverage Your Social Impact

I’m also a firm believer, that while entrepreneurship can provide social impact, investing can also do it too.

As social entrepreneurs, you can and should leverage your investment portfolio to provide you with both social and environmental returns, while making you profitable returns, too. By doing this, you’ll be dramatically increasing your impact: While you work in your social enterprise as an entrepreneur, your money will also work for you via social investing.

R. Paul Herman, in his latest book, The HIP Investor: Make Bigger Profits by Building a Better World, shows you how to invest to maximize social impact and …

Social Entrepreneurs Can Save Helpless Dogs, Too

Social entrepreneurship not only means helping our fellow human beings.

Nor does it only mean helping the natural environment.

Freedom Flights to Rescue Dogs

Social entrepreneurship means helping society in general – and all the various members that are part of it. Interestingly for Jan Folk, who describes herself as a social entrepreneur, our society also includes our canine friends, dogs. This is one of many successful entrepreneurs who have been helping animals in need.

Jan Folk was featured in a recent article of the Edmonton Journal, entitled ‘Woman of Vision: Jan Folk.’

The article describes Jan’s Freedom Flights as follows:

“The freedom flight, as it has been dubbed, is a rescue mission. Popular small breed dogs facing certain euthanasia in overcrowded California shelters are flown to Edmonton where they are quickly adopted from the humane society. It is organized and paid for by …

3 Reasons You Should Be a Social Entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurs are a passionate, innovative and resilient breed.

Why should you even consider the social entrepreneurial path and create business ideas for good?

Social Entrepreneurship For Young People & Beyond

For me, I began social entrepreneurship from high-school. A group of friends and I were keen to help other people, so we came together during our spare time and formed an organization, called Compassion Inc.

I enjoyed that I was surrounded by good people wanting to help and change the world. Even though we were young, and made a number of mistakes, we tried our best. We organized a number of fundraising functions, and we used our various skills and talents to achieve our social goals. Check out my About page for more information.

Funny enough, those times when we volunteered and held fundraisers or advocacy events as a young kid …

Imagine a World Full of Social Entrepreneurs

Ever wondered what it would be like if we had a world full of social entrepreneurs and good business ideas?

Conversations of ‘What If?’

Today I was talking with P, my lifelong partner and best friend.

We were talking about our dreams and goals – one of which is to travel all over the globe, to meet new people, discover languages and cultures and foods and environments. To immerse in the cultural diversity and beauty of our planet.

I suggested that, apart from this, what if we were to do some good in each of the places that we visit? Or, even what if we were to discover and uncover some of the great social entrepreneurs in various parts of the world?

Building a World of Social Entrepreneurs

In both of these cases, the key is to spread goodness worldwide. Essentially, to spread …

Use This Search Engine to Find Social Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Social entrepreneurs are popping up all over the globe, with their new ideas and innovations.

Ever wondered where in the world are all the great social entrepreneurs?

Look no further as Social Actions presents you with a very trendy web application to help you quickly and easily find social entrepreneurs. This is a great way for social networking for business ideas and support.

Social Edge has featured an example of the “Social Entrepreneur Search” widgets, and you can play with them here.

You can even find an example of the Search Widget on this post below. You may click on “Add this widget” below to grab one for yourself, for your own website or blog. embed(“colorRed”, “narrowLayout”, 0, “”);

3 Uses For the Social Entrepreneur Search Widgets For Startup Social Entrepreneurs: the Search Widgets helps budding social entrepreneurs discover others in their field or …

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