Social Media is Useless for Social Enterprise... I Don't Think So

Is social media out to dumb down and ruin the fabric of human society?

Personally, I don’t think so.

Nick’s View: Social Entrepreneurs Should Stay Away from Social Media

Nevertheless, Nick Piedmonte, whom I respect as another social enterprise writer, has an interesting view on social media and how it relates to social enterprise and good business ideas.

In his article, Is Social Media Antithetical to the Social Enterprise Movement?, Nick announces that he rebukes social media such as Facebook and Twitter. He claims that social media makes us lose the natural human bonds between us.

He also refuses to use any of it.

My Own Views & Experience with Social Media

I remember a few years ago, like Nick, I also refused to go on the old social media favourites such as the Ringo or Friendster or MySpaces (What ever happened to …

Cause-Related Marketing: Your Product is Your Social Cause


Cause related marketing is a subset of the general field of marketing and is an essential part in business management. Now for cause related marketing, what is it?

Transforming the 5 Ps of Marketing

Now with the general idea of marketing you have the idea of the five Ps and if you’re ever involved in marketing, you’re very much aware of those Ps (i.e. Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People). One of those important P factors in marketing involved the important area of your product. Examining your product and how it can be marketed and how it can be portrayed and presented to your target audience to enable you to market that particular market or service.

Now for cause related marketing the significant difference between that and the traditional marketing for any other business is that cause related marketing consists of …

Building Your Resilience as a Social Entrepreneur

I enjoy highlighting the works and business ideas of genuinely good people who are trying to make a difference in the world.

Social entrepreneurs, in particular, fascinate me because of their drive and passion towards contribution.

American Social Entrepreneur in Rural India

Today, we are presented with Heidi Krauel who decided to leave her career in finance and spent a year in India selling solar powered lights to slum dwellers. Heidi, aged 34, is one of the 3 social entrepreneurs featured in the upcoming PBS documentary, The New Recruits. This documentary profiles aspiring social entrepreneurs who journey to the world s most volatile and impoverished regions to effect change through business acumen.

Heidi, a tall, blonde, college-educated American woman, travelled to rural India under an Acumen Fund fellowship. While there, she developed a sales, distribution and marketing strategy, while also providing supply chain logistical …

Marketing Your Social Enterprise


Where does marketing fit in for your social enterprise?

Beyond the Marketing Hype and Sensationalism

Marketing itself is a significant tool for a traditional business and just as it is important for a traditional business marketing also is relevant for social enterprises and those interested in social entrepreneurship.

At times there’s a view that marketing may involve a lot of hype, a lot of sensationalism and social enterprises and social entrepreneurs may be at times feel they want to get away from that hype and therefore want to ignore marketing overall.

Marketing Can Help Spread Your Social Enterprise Message

Marketing itself doesn’t have to be so hyped up and so sensational and so out of line with a social entrepreneur’s mission. In my point of view marketing can be important for social enterprises because it is a way for you …

Mixing Celebrity Status with Social Enterprise

Celebrities wield considerable social power and influence and have been known to have traces of entrepreneurial skills.

They’re well known figures. And whether good or bad, they tend to have many followers who look up to them.

Celebrities and Social Enterprise: Is it Possible?

As social enterprises engage in cause-related marketing to spread their message, celebrities who believe in your cause can be very useful for your social enterprise.

Why not use the power of celebrity status to help your social enterprise achieve its mission?

Shoe Revolt, a social enterprise, gives us an example of how to do just that. Check out their recent press releases where they highlight how 2 famous female celebrities are supporting their cause: Sarah Jessica Parker (think ‘Sex and the City’) and Zoe Bell (the stuntwoman from ‘Xena’ and ‘Kill Bill’).

In these articles, the CEO of Shoe Revolt, …

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