Encouraging Your Beneficiaries to Take Ownership


Creating dependency among the people you want to help is one of the most difficult challenges that social entrepreneurs and social enterprises face. There’s a fundamental debate, a fundamental conflict with short-term programs that alleviate humanitarian need in the moment as well as the long-term durable solution; and finding out the balance between this humanitarian need and the long-term development of people. This is also a debate that many individuals involved in social responsibility are faced with.

Dependency is Detrimental

I’ve actually seen quite a number of humanitarian programs that have created a sense of dependency because humanitarian relief was really targeted only for a short period of time. However as circumstances elongated, that period of time that was intended was actually stretched out. And as it stretched out, the programs didn’t change, or in some circumstances, couldn’t change. By providing …

Are Donors Emotional? Maybe More Than You Think

There’s been an interesting discussion going around about the effectiveness of donors and philanthropy in business development.

It was sparked off from a recent UK report which indicated that only 40% of donors are interested in creating a new national charity rating scheme, while 68% said that this sort of rating scheme would not affect their giving decisions.

Is Social Impact Important to Donors At All?

Check out these really intriguing blog posts. All of them actually refer to each other, so the topic is very much worth a read:

Sean Stannard-Stockton – Do Donors Care Whether Nonprofits are Any Good? Nathaniel Whittemore – Do Donors Care About Impact? Not Really Sasha Dichter – Do philanthropy bloggers care about donors? Social Impact vs Personal Impact

I was actually drawn to the discussion by Nathaniel’s post where he expresses his own explanation about the …

Bangladeshi Social Innovation: Small Loans for Entrepreneurial Women


Currently I’m living and working in the beautiful country Bangladesh. Amongst the lush green environment of this country there is however a giant man-made problem that is my friends, the problem of extreme poverty. The GDP per capita in Bangladesh is very low and even outside where I live, unfortunately I do see, small children picking up garbage as a means of their living and selling that garbage rather than going to school. This is where good business ideas can have a huge impact.

Its heart wrenching but I’m inspired however by a great thing about Bangladesh.

Microcredit as a Social Innovation

One important innovation that has come out of this country, actually came from the Nobel Laureate, Muhammad Yunus who had created the Grameen foundation and Grameen bank.

In Chittagong, Muhammad Yunus had actually gone out and provided …

How Weddings & Social Enterprise Can Work Together

Nonprofit organizations don’t have to be so one-dimensional anymore when it comes to funding new business ideas.

Social Enterprise & Creative Funding

Over-reliance on donor funding is no longer sustainable enough, and that’s where social entrepreneurial innovation comes in.

Social enterprises that use business acumen to pursue social missions can be alot more creative when it comes to funding. Interestingly, nonprofit organizations are often able to increase their income by owning and operating facilities linked to their cause.

How Can Weddings & Special Events Support Social Enterprise?

Take for example, ACH Child and Family Services (formerly All Church Home for Children) which creatively renovated the interior of a stone chapel building and reception hall, in order to use the facility for nondenominational weddings, receptions and special events. ACH launched this first social business venture in December 2009, and called it the Belltower Chapel …

Giving Workable Business Systems to Micro-Entrepreneurs


Micro-development is a concept that I’m actually excited about. It is creating new business ideas that are spread across the world. In my opinion micro-development is one way in which people, especially entrepreneurs in developing countries, can lift themselves up out of poverty. Particularly those who want to take initiative and that’s great especially for micro-development organisations worldwide.

Microfranchise & Its Roots in Microcredit

They support them in giving a hand-up to these people wanting to change their lives rather than handouts. One way of micro-development in action is through the idea of micro-franchises. Now micro-franchising is a concept that came about after the pioneering idea of micro-credit.

Micro-credit itself actually came from Muhammad Yunnus the Nobel (unknown word) in 2006, from Bangladesh. And micro-franchising builds on that idea, builds on the idea of micro-credit and micro-development. While micro-credit focuses …

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