Giving Workable Business Systems to Micro-Entrepreneurs


Micro-development is a concept that I’m actually excited about. It is creating new business ideas that are spread across the world. In my opinion micro-development is one way in which people, especially entrepreneurs in developing countries, can lift themselves up out of poverty. Particularly those who want to take initiative and that’s great especially for micro-development organisations worldwide.

Microfranchise & Its Roots in Microcredit

They support them in giving a hand-up to these people wanting to change their lives rather than handouts. One way of micro-development in action is through the idea of micro-franchises. Now micro-franchising is a concept that came about after the pioneering idea of micro-credit.

Micro-credit itself actually came from Muhammad Yunnus the Nobel (unknown word) in 2006, from Bangladesh. And micro-franchising builds on that idea, builds on the idea of micro-credit and micro-development. While micro-credit focuses …

3 Tips to Starting Your Social Enterprise Success

The exciting thing about social entrepreneurship is that you have the ability to start from just a seed of an idea.

Social Enterprise WEA and the Seed of an Idea

Melinda Kramer had such an idea when she thought of Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA). Her seed of an idea involved connecting grassroots women environmental leaders to essential resources, training and advocacy. Through using her business management skills, Melinda was able to provide support to women all over the world.

There’s a useful article by Deborah Fleischer entitled: ‘Women’s Earth Alliance: Three Strategies for Growing a Successful Social Enterprise‘. It’s an easy-to-read guide about what you can do to transform your seed of an idea into a successful social enterprise. Deborah draws on observations of Melinda Kramer’s experiences building and growing WEA into an “extraordinary global organization.”

3 Tips to Starting Your Social Enteprise Success …

Be Results-Oriented!


Social entrepreneurs are infamous for wanting to use their passion from within and immediately going out there and taking action. This is a one of the key entrepreneurial skills.

Take Action, But Reevaluate Your Actions Too

Taking action is fantastic and that’s what social enterprise and social entrepreneurs are all about. Without action change will not happen but beyond taking concerted activities to help other people and change the world, my message for you today is that taking action is not enough, there must be more than just action.

Social entrepreneurs must be results oriented. Being results oriented means whenever you do take actions, you take a step back and you revaluate your actions, you gather your team together, you debrief and you get feedback from the other passionate leaders within your team, but also with the beneficiaries of your …

79% Growth for UK's 100 Largest Social Firms

Social enterprises have the business development through capacity grow – in terms of scalability, profitability, and most importantly, social impact.

Success of Social Enterprises in the UK

A recent BBC article has backed this up, entitled “Social enterprises ‘growing strongly’.”

Turnover at 100 of the largest such firms grew an average 79% in the year to March, said the study by business information service Social Enterprise.

The report, conducted with Royal Bank of Scotland, said firms in south-east England saw the biggest growth, up 56%.

The East Midlands was the worst performing, with growth of only 15%.

This average growth of 79% for the top 100 UK social enterprises is astounding.

The article points to ‘social enterprise’ as including companies such as the Big Issue, Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen, and the fair-trade chocolate company Divine Chocolate.

Greater Confidence in Social …

5 Profit Centres for Your Social Enterprise


What are the income or profit centres for your social business?

A great challenge for social enterprises is the area of finances, particularly for non-profit organisations, NGOs and even for some for-profit social enterprises. Creating multiple profit centres can be one of your challenges. This is something you need to consider when selecting the best business ideas for you.

Create Multiple Profit Centres

But finding your income or profit centre doesn’t have to be so hard. Finding it and insuring that your cash flow is ongoing and consistent is the significant part of the life blood of your social enterprise.

If your funds are not there, your social enterprise is not there. And if your social enterprise is not there then the social impact you’re wanting to create in the world will definitely not be there.

So finding multiple …

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