More Entrepreneurs Want to Be Social Entrepreneurs - From Titans to Innovators & now Saviors

Hey everybody, it’s Matt Alberto here and today’s going to be a short one … I just wanted to talk about the entrepreneurial trend towards social entrepreneurship. I’m seeing more and more how mainstream entrepreneurs are talking about social entrepreneurship and getting into the idea; more specifically, the idea that entrepreneurship is moving from Titans to Innovators and now to the idea of Saviors. What does this all mean and where’d they get this kind of idea from? I was listening to This Week in Startups; it’s a video podcast, a really cool one that I often listen to. Often they talk about tech entrepreneurship and they get some really high-end top investors and entrepreneurs around Silicon Valley, who are really movers and shakers in the industry, to have a chat …

Brilliant Earth Review: 3 Reasons Why I Bought My Fiancee's Engagement Ring at Brilliant Earth Ethical Jewelry

Hey everybody. Matt Alberto here with today’s post. What we’ll be talking today about is three reasons why I bought my fiancé’s engagement ring at Brilliant Earth. As you know my last post, I talked about at just getting engaged. One of the unique things about the engagement was that I got the engagement ring which was an ethical engagement ring from They’re an online retailer that sells conflict-free engagement rings and other conflict-free jewelry. It’s really fitting for this website which talks about social entrepreneurship and businesses that do good.

Here’s three reasons why I bought the engagement ring at Brilliant Earth.

1. Brilliant Earth Specializes in Ethical Jewelry

The first reason was my fiancé, …

3 Goal Setting Tips from a Guy Who Just Got Engaged Yesterday

Hello, hello everybody. Welcome to the new year and welcome to this podcast of this show where today we’re going to be talking about goal-setting tips from a guy who just got engaged yesterday. Who is that guy? It’s actually me.

Engaging in Goal Setting

We’re having this session today. I really want to help you. Generally, on this blog we talk about ideas of social entrepreneurship specifically in regards to technology or innovation and finding ways how we can do good in a sustainable and scalable way. Because it’s a new year and it’s a new start, I thought I’d like to help you out there, you listeners, you readers out there to kick start the year in a really effective way.

I thought I might make it different this …

Running Your Social Enterprise from Anywhere in the World

One of the books that I’ve been eagerly anticipating for months to read has been the latest book by David Heinemeier Hannson and Jason Fried called Remote: Office Not Required. I was waiting for it for months, but jut realised that it was released just last month.

The Trend of Working From Home (or Anywhere in the World)

The book explores the growing trend of remote workers and remote businesses, where technology and communications have enabled people the ability to work from home successfully or anywhere in the world for that matter. Some of technologies that have encouraged this trend include screenshare programs which allow you to see the computer screens of others in real time so you can work collaboratively with others no matter where they’re located on the globe. The proliferation of the mobile smart phone and the growing number of new …

5 Australian Social Entrepreneurs Recognised by EY Entrepreneur of the Year

5 Australian social entrepreneurs were recently awarded for their social entrepreneurship initiatives by the EY Entrepreneur of the Year program. The program is run annually across 50 different countries by the global professional services firm, Ernst and Young or EY, which is headed by businessman Chairman and CEO, Mark Weinberger.

In Australia, 5 social entrepreneurs were acknowledged for their social impact across 5 regions of Australia, including:

#1 – Nicholas Lee, The Jodi Lee Foundation

After the death of his wife from bowel cancer in 2010, Nicholas Lee left his role as the Director of a global consumer goods company to establish the Jodi Lee Foundation. The foundation promotes the prevention of bowel cancer, including motivating others to take the bowel cancer test and take positive health measures.

The Jodi Lee Foundation is headquartered in …

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