Are Websites Still Relevant in the Mobile Age?

Firefox MobileIs setting up a website really that important anymore, or should you go straight into building a mobile app? The world is changing fast, and one of the biggest trends that I’m seeing right now is that there are more mobile users and more people on their handheld device, using apps. If you’re an entrepreneur or business person, you’re probably wondering whether it’s worth your investment of time and money to create a website design columbus and develop a website. Will it become obsolete, and are you better off investing in building an app?

In my opinion, the traditional online website is still important for any business, and there are still businesses that run off mainly from a website, rather than from a mobile app. Websites are still relevant because they are accessible from any …

Do What You Love vs Making Money - The Entrepreneur's Dilemma

MoneyHey, everyone. It’s Matt Alberto here. I got a really interesting topic to talk about today. Just recently, I had a chat to one of my mentors, Paul, who really helps me out in a lot of my own business and my life really. He’s talking about the economy, the dilemma of doing what you love versus making money. I guess a lot of entrepreneurs will have to face this as they’re starting a new business. When you start a new business, you have to come up with different ideas and eventually you’ll have to speak with one idea especially if you want to make it grow and be successful.

Figuring Out Your Business Idea

With this one idea, the one that you’re going to focus on, should you focus on the idea that you …

5 Free Interactive Websites to Help You Learn to Code

The Exemplary ProgrammerHey everyone, it’s Matthew Alberto here, and today we’re going to be talking about free interactive websites that will help you to learn to code online. What’s the background of this and how will this help you? Well, I’ve noticed that a lot of entrepreneurship programs accelerators, incubator; they really focus on making sure that you have a technical cofounder. A lot of angel investors and venture capitalists also want to see if you’re writing up a more technical, or computer or website-oriented style that you do have at least one cofounder who has a technical background.

Learn to Code for Non-Technical Startup Co-Founders

Where does this leave entrepreneurs, and even social entrepreneurs, who want to get involved in the tech space? Where does this leave them, in terms of if they’re …

More Entrepreneurs Want to Be Social Entrepreneurs - From Titans to Innovators & now Saviors

Hey everybody, it’s Matt Alberto here and today’s going to be a short one … I just wanted to talk about the entrepreneurial trend towards social entrepreneurship. I’m seeing more and more how mainstream entrepreneurs are talking about social entrepreneurship and getting into the idea; more specifically, the idea that entrepreneurship is moving from Titans to Innovators and now to the idea of Saviors. What does this all mean and where’d they get this kind of idea from? I was listening to This Week in Startups; it’s a video podcast, a really cool one that I often listen to. Often they talk about tech entrepreneurship and they get some really high-end top investors and entrepreneurs around Silicon Valley, who are really movers and shakers in the industry, to have a chat …

Brilliant Earth Review: 3 Reasons Why I Bought My Fiancee's Engagement Ring at Brilliant Earth Ethical Jewelry

Hey everybody. Matt Alberto here with today’s post. What we’ll be talking today about is three reasons why I bought my fiancé’s engagement ring at Brilliant Earth. As you know my last post, I talked about at just getting engaged. One of the unique things about the engagement was that I got the engagement ring which was an ethical engagement ring from They’re an online retailer that sells conflict-free engagement rings and other conflict-free jewelry. It’s really fitting for this website which talks about social entrepreneurship and businesses that do good.

Here’s three reasons why I bought the engagement ring at Brilliant Earth.

1. Brilliant Earth Specializes in Ethical Jewelry

The first reason was my fiancé, …

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