Twitter Advertising for Business

Twitter advertising is an excellent option for businesses who want to optimize their activity in the micro blogging realm. Twitter is great for local businesses because it offers local trending tops for a variety of global locations. This service allows marketers to monitor their reach and boost their impact with followers. It is recommended that marketers should consistently monitor Twitter for mentions of the company, product or user name using the Twitter search results.

Doing so will allow them to respond to customers in real time, directly from the search results screen. Twitter offers a wide range of resources to help users spread the word about their Twitter presence and gain more followers. For example, they make it easy for users with websites to promote their Twitter accounts via their website using buttons and widgets.

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Notable Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

The characteristics of an entrepreneur can literally run the gamut from A to Z, and there have been many academic studies conducted to accurately define the qualities which describe the most successful entrepreneurs. While it is certainly possible to analyze, identify and teach entrepreneurial skills, many experts on the subject will argue that the most successful entrepreneurs are called to this role.

They are often viewed as black sheep by many of their peers, but their unique world view can be a gift which enables them to see entrepreneurial opportunities which are missed by others. Many successful entrepreneurs take a practical approach to problem solving and tend to share qualities with craftsmen, inventors, and leaders. These type of personalities tend to gravitate towards entrepreneurial activities. Entrepreneurs also tend to be creative people who have a high energy level, along with a lot of self confidence and self esteem.

Anand Corporate Social Responsibility Example

Anand Corporate Services Ltd. Is a great example of corporate social responsibility. This company has been a pioneer in the field with their longstanding commitment to a social mission beyond simply making a profit. This commitment is based in a corporate philosophy which believes that the benefits of corporate success must trickle down to all levels of society in order for economic development to be sustainable.

Anand is dedicated to the proposition that corporate goals must line up with larger social goals, and they have actively applied this principle over the last quarter century of business practice. Ananad established a foundation which is expressly committed to pursuing the social goals of the corporation, called the SNS Foundation. This foundation has created a number of different programs in the areas of community development, education, health, life skills training and natural resource management.

Graduate Entrepreneurship Course

A graduate entrepreneurship course at the University of California Berkeley will help to answer the question many college students may have of what is it really like to be an entrepreneur. This overview of entrepreneurship introduces students to the key concepts and tools which are necessary for anyone to develop a great idea for a business into a viable operation. The first course in a series of graduate courses in entrepreneurship at Berely is designed to be an orientation course for those with little background in entrepreneurship.

The next level of graduate course in the sequence explores the topic of entrepreneurship in more detail. This course features material and activities which are designed to help students develop their entrepreneurial skills and ideas. The course also helps students to brainstorm ideas for a new business and then discover the best fit in terms of business model.

Entrepreneurship Course at Harvard

An entrepreneurship course at Harvard University is a requirement for all Harvard Business School first year students. This introductory course is called The Entrepreneurial Manager (TEM), and it is among several first year courses which focus on entrepreneurial case studies as a teaching model. TEM incorporates various aspects of an entrepreneurial business approach into a general management framework.

For second year students, there are more than 20 choices of elective courses at Harvard Business School which have a significant entrepreneurial component. These courses are grouped into three major categories, which include historical perspectives on entrepreneurship, case studies of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial business start up and management. The courses which focus on projects and field studies are a great option for those who want to get to work on developing their ideas for a start up business.

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