Focus On Your Vision


Staying positive in the face of negativity when coming up with and using business ideas : That’s what this post will be all about.

And you know what? I’ve been working with NGOs, social enterprises, and international organizations aimed at helping people. And often when you deal with these kinds of organizations – and you deal with global complex problems that seem like there’s no solution at all and that it’s hopeless, and people are complaining, and people from here and there want different pieces of you – it can seem like there is no hope.

But my message in this post, my message to you, is to really focus.

Focus not on the hurt. Focus not on the pain or the negativity that can bring people down – often bringing ordinary people down.

My challenge to you, and the challenge of the problems of the world for you, is to stay positive. To focus on the solution, not on the problem.

As a social entrepreneur, as someone wanting to lead change or to inspire others, inspire a team, inspire the world, you really do need to see a better future for yourself and for what’s out there.

You need to see and really believe in what you can hope for, what you dream for.

Don’t ever give up on those dreams and business ideas. Even though there are these complaints; even though there are these negativities and these hurts – Never give up on your dream.

That’s my message to you.