Design Your Purpose


Right now, I’m going to be talking to you about the power of purpose: the purpose driving you, the purpose driving your social business and business ideas.

When it comes to purpose, in my point of view, you really need to be clear on what your purpose is, why you’re even engaged in something to change the world, why you’re even engaged in a social business, why you’re even getting up to bother about doing this sort of cause.

Your purpose will drive you and you really need to find it.

When I talk about purpose, I don’t mean just any sort of bland mission statement that you see in ordinary businesses.

I’m talking about finding, for yourself and for your organization, the type of purpose and mission that will drive not only you, but will drive your team, your tribe, your organization, your followers, and the people who you will also help. Think of a purpose that will inspire them. You need to find that kind of purpose.

Now what sort of purpose am I talking about?

You need to use inspirational words, like: “The purpose of my social business is to change the world by eradicating poverty and empowering people’s lives”. Or it could be: “The purpose of my eco-business is to revolutionize the way that people transport and rid of waste, and to do it in a creative and transformative way.”

So using these kinds of words and using that kind of emotion that drives you – that drives you and then will drive your people – that’s the kind of purpose I’m talking about. And that’s the kind of purpose you need for your social business and business ideas.