Beit Issie Shapiro: Innovative Therapies for Children with Disabilities

Ziv Neurim: Helping Kids from Dropping Out of School Through Marine Activities – with Micha Hercberg, Founder

8200 Entrepreneurship & Innovation Support Program – with Inbal Arieli, Founder & Head

Bakery 29: Social Enterprise Dining That Helps Give Scholarships to Underpriveleged People – with Netta Korin

James McAluney: Does Your Business Carry a Commercial Umbrella?

Hawaii contains some of the rainiest regions on earth. Anyone who doesn’t carry an umbrella or raincoat is asking to get soaked. Similarly, business owners who choose not to carry commercial umbrella insurance are ill prepared for a heavy “downpour” of a lawsuit. For example, what would happen if your company vehicle was involved in an accident that seriously injured a corporate executive? She cannot legitimately return to work and her normal salary exceeds a million per year. Your lawyer asks if you have umbrella insurance. But what exactly is commercial umbrella insurance and how does it work?

Commercial Umbrella Insurance 101

Regular commercial insurances normally have valuations that will cover specific risks associated with a business. However, when certain limits are reached, the insurance is no longer valid. This rarely happens when a professional evaluates a company’s insurance needs because usually the amount …

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