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3 Lessons about Social Entrepreneurship in Israel

What resources, skills, drives, motivations do need to get your social project started? – Ask Matt: Live from Jerusalem, Israel

Hey everybody, it’s Matthew Alberto – live in Jerusalem, Israel.

It’s the next day and I’ve had a good sleep.

Later today, I’m actually going to meet with a number of social entrepreneurship bloggers from around the world. They’ll come here soon and we’re going to have dinner together, and I’m waiting on them.

Today I just explored a bit of Jerusalem. In the background, you can actually see the old city of Jerusalem which is a holy land for a number of the world’s major religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

So it’s an honour and privelege to be here.

Also while I’m here, it’s a very windy day but very sunny too. It’s quite beautiful.

While I’m here with a beautiful view of Jerusalem, I thought it would be great to answer a budding and eager question from one of our audience members.

Resources, Skills, Drives & Motivations for a Successful Social Project

A few weeks ago, someone actually messaged me and asked me this question:

“What resources, skills, drives, motivations do need to get your social project started and to succeed?”

This is a great question to get us kickstarted before we meet a number of social projects and social entrepreneurs across Jerusalem.

Today’s Adventures Around Emek Refa’im & the Old City, Jerusalem, Israel

Dinner with Top Social Entrepreneurship Bloggers
incl. Alex from, Peter from & Tristan from
Thanks to Joanna & Adi from Kinetis – Vibe Israel for bringing us all together

What Will the World Lose if You Fail? – Ask Matt: Live from Jerusalem, Israel

Hey everybody. It’s Matt Alberto here, and I’m live in Jerusalem, Israel.

My plane just touched down a few hours ago and it’s in the wee hours of the morning right now.

It’s 1:30 am. My flight was 12 hours long but what I wanted to do was just touch base with you and show you the view from where I’m staying at the moment.

Back there, that’s Jerusalem.

It’s actually quite cold right now, and I’ve got a bit of a cough, but I’m still going to push through.

I’m here for the next couple of days and it’s going to be very exciting, so stay tuned as we check out different social entrepreneurs from across Israel. We’ll also explore the culture and discover what kind of good and cool things are people doing in this part of the world.

While I’m here and as I’ve touched down, I wanted to do a quick Ask Matt session, and I wanted to do it live via video cam and I thought it would be interesting with Jerusalem in the background.

It’s interesting as well as we move towards the next couple of days as we have an adventure together across Jerusalem and Israel for social entrepreneurship.

So the question for today is: “What will the world lose if I fail?”

So someone was actually asking that from their point of view. The question is essentially, “What would the world lose if you failed at social entrepreneurship?”

Pictures of my trip to Jersulem, Israel

Waiting at the airport for my flight to Israel

Very tired on my 12 hour-long flight to Tel Aviv Airport

Flight path from Hong Kong to Israel

Almost arriving in Israel

Sharing stories with my taxi driver from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem