Bialik-Rogozin School: Teaching & Inspiring Kids from Tough Neighbourhoods

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NATAL: Treating War & Terror-Related Trauma After a Conflict

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William Mulrow and SONYMA: Helping Veterans and Military Personnel

As someone with experience in public finance and investment banking, William Mulrow knows the difficulties involved in securing financing for businesses. On a smaller scale, obtaining financing to purchase a home can be just as difficult for first-time homebuyers as it is for corporations financing a major expansion or merger.

The State of New York Mortgage Agency (SONYMA) was created by the New York legislature to offer financing assistance to first-time homebuyers in the state. SONYMA also offers assistance to veterans and active duty military personnel. Other programs offer prospective homeowners money to buy and renovate homes, construction or rehabilitation loans, and loans that target low income first-time buyers.

Under the SONYMA mortgage programs, the actual lender of the mortgage loan is a bank or mortgage lender authorized to participate in the SONYMA programs. In return for offering loans under the guidelines and interest …

Exotic Currencies Boost Emerging Country Growth

Although G-10 currencies such as the U.S. dollar, euro and yen dominate much of the trading activity in today’s markets, smaller, more exotic currencies can offer additional investment opportunities.

An exotic currency is a currency that is not commonly traded in the foreign exchange market. Exotic currencies are usually from developing countries such as parts of Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. Most of these currencies are not easy to trade because the market does not have the same amount of action for exotic currency as it does for main currencies. They lack market depth and trade at low volumes.

The relative lack of activity in the exotic currency market means the currencies can have a high cost and can carry a high risk. High risk creates opportunities for high profits and there are many forex traders willing to chance these risks. …

Committed to Give: Social Investing as a Means to Improve Philanthropy’s Effectiveness – with Shuki Ehrlich, Philanthropist

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