Scaling Up Your Social Business Model

httpvh://–E5Q One of the powerful advantages that social businesses have over non-profit NGOs and also over governments, is that social entrepreneurship can scale up their model, and they can scale it up quickly and effectively. Scale Up What Works From Smaller Projects Scaling up means the ability to have a smaller project, testing it and […]

5 Ways to Be Persuasive

Guy Kawasaki, who has his own blog entitled ‘How to Change the World‘, has written 5 ways to be persuasive. Now this is really important for social entrepreneurs, and people wanting to influence others through new business ideas. Guy lists the 5 ways as: Be the first to give. Don’t offer too many choices. Argue […]

Help the People Inside Your Own Social Business

httpvh:// In running a social business, we think of the triple-bottom-line (people, planet, profit – PPP). When we think of ‘people’, sometimes we think of the outside people – the beneficiaries, the community in which we work with and which we have a social impact. For the ‘planet’, we think of the external environment around […]

Harmonizing the ‘Social’ & ‘Business’ in Social Business

httpvh:// One of the major challenges for social businesses and social entrepreneurship is that juxtaposition even with the word “social” and “business.” Some say that there is a conflict between the social aspect and the business aspect. Recognize the Conflict between FROI and SROI in Social Business But really it can work and many social […]

What is Impact Investing?

Social entrepreneurship is a field that is based on the notion of “capitalism with a cause”, “compassionate capitalism”, “social responsibility” and even “capitalism with a human face.” Social entrepreneurs and social businesses work with a social mission, and they manipulate the workings of the capitalist system to help make a positive social or environmental difference. […]