Social Business Ethics & the Question of Good and Evil

httpvh:// In running a social enterprise and entrepreneurial skills, sometimes I think to myself: “I’m passionate about helping people. I’m passionate about wanting to bring good into the world.” But when we want to do these sorts of good things and we want to focus on good, sometimes I tend to think to myself “Well […]

How Philanthropy Can Help Any Business Be More Socially Responsible

httpvh:// Traditional businesses have always focused on the bottom-line of profit maximization rather than social responsibility. In today’s society though, profit solely as the only bottom-line is not enough. Social enterprises, in particular, focus on 3 bottom-lines: People, Planet and Profit. Philanthropy as a Means of Social Contribution Now, for a traditional business however, how […]

How to Have the Self-Confidence to Change the World

httpvh:// Building self-confidence – building your own self-confidence – is so significant if you’re wanting to create and build your social business. And it is significant if you want to be changing the world. You can do this through social networking for business support. Self-Confidence & the ‘I Can Do It’ Attitude To be self […]

Work On Your Business, Not In It

httpvh:// Work ON your business. Not IN your business. Now what does this tip mean? It comes down to business strategy. Technical Skills vs Business Skills As a social entrepreneur, especially for entrepreneurs trying to build their own start-up company or organization, many of them come from a technical background working as a technician of […]

2 Ways to Improve Your Imagination

httpvh:// Use your imagination to propel your business forward. As a social businessperson, as a social entrepreneur, one of your key defining factors is the use of your imagination when developing business ideas. Harnessing that power of your imagination – the power to “think outside the box”, to think laterally – is the way to […]