Create Something Remarkable

httpvh:// Make a product and make a service that is remarkable using new business ideas. My message for you today is: If you’re going to be creating a social enterprise and you’re going to be competing out there in the marketplace (especially for ‘for-profit social enterprises’ but even for ‘not-for-profit social enterprises’ or even NGOs), […]

Be a Leader, Not a Follower

httpvh:// As a social entrepreneur who’s wanting to go out there and make a social impact through business ideas, I urge you to be a leader. Followers ‘follow’ the status quo Followers often ‘follow’ the status quo. They’re okay with how things are. They also have a sense of a lack of responsibility. They don’t […]

Get Disturbed to Get Yourself Moving

httpvh:// Getting disturbed If you’re out there in the world and you’re walking around, you’re observing, you’re experiencing, and you see something, you hear something, you get affected by something. This is how business ideas come about. And you in your mind, in your heart, believe that it’s wrong – that it’s not meant to […]

3 Steps to Taking Action

httpvh:// There are 3 major steps that you should take as a social entrepreneur to find a problem and then make a solution when it comes to business ideas: 1. Get Disturbed Find a problem out there in the world and get disturbed. What I mean by that is this: Feel it. Observe it. Get […]

Focus On Your Vision

httpvh:// Staying positive in the face of negativity when coming up with and using business ideas : That’s what this post will be all about. And you know what? I’ve been working with NGOs, social enterprises, and international organizations aimed at helping people. And often when you deal with these kinds of organizations – and […]